photographerAs an aspiring photographer, you would want to make sure that all bases are covered and that you are as prepared as possible for the events you are covering. Aside from having the right equipment or tools with you when you are performing your duties, you should also be prepared mentally, physically, and creatively so your work is also as polished and accurate as possible.

Photographers that are assigned to weddings are in a particularly unique situation where they need to capture important and intimate moments during the couple’s big day. As such, you would want to be blend in as much as possible with the wedding guests and participants. It would be very noticeable if everyone is wearing a certain color and you, the photographer, is wearing something else. It would also help if you would keep in mind some basic wedding etiquette and rules.

But also, since you will be moving around a lot and taking pictures, you also need to be wearing something comfortable and clothing that allows you to move around with ease. This requires striking a balance between clothing that is appropriate for the wedding you are covering while also thinking of your activities and attempts to produce the best photography possible.

Here are some tips you can use for wedding photography preparations:


  • Find out ahead of time what the wedding attire is. Some weddings are a little more formal especially if held in large, ornate cathedrals or luxurious venues. Others are a little more laid-back, such as beach or garden weddings. Find out from the wedding planner, coordinators, or from the couple themselves what the suggested attire would be, as well as the motif so you can plan your wardrobe accordingly.
  • Check the weather conditions. Weather conditions also need to be factored in especially if the wedding is being held outdoors. If the temperature will be higher, you would want to pick out clothing that is lighter and more appropriate for warm weather. Take a look at this page for some tips on how to protect yourself from the heat during an outdoor summer wedding. On the other hand, if rain is being forecast then you would need the right type of clothing aside from other accessories (umbrella, etc.).
  • Be physically prepared. No matter what you are wearing, if you are not physically fit and healthy, it will also affect your performance of your duties as the wedding photographer. Stay healthy and in optimum shape through ample exercise, proper nutrition, and the right amount of sleep. As part of your regimen, you should look into supplements and other helpful energy boosts such as dairy free protein powder. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this healthy protein powder, you can learn more about the benefits and forms of dairy free protein powder here.
  • Don’t forget the right footwear. You will be walking, sprinting, and standing around a lot when taking wedding photographs, so the shoes you are wearing should be appropriate for this. Look for shoes that look formal enough for the wedding but are not too heavy.
  • Have a change of clothes ready. In case you perspire or get your clothes soiled, you should bring an extra set of clothes you can change in during a break in the wedding activities. This would be very helpful if you are also assigned to document the wedding reception or after-party and you want to still look as fresh and presentable as possible.


Don’t forget to also enjoy the event as much as you can, because if you are enjoying and feeling the excitement and the romance of the wedding, this will also reflect in your work.

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