weddingphotogPhotography is most memorable when it successfully captures life in motion and tells a story with just one frame. Many aspiring photographers are often tempted to stick to ideas or techniques that have proven to be popular among viewers, but the greater challenge is to be able to showcase creativity and a unique photographic perspective that stands out through impact and appeal.

Unique photography ideas are especially important if you find yourself tasked to photograph a wedding. As thoroughly discussed in this article, wedding photographers are a vital part of the wedding business that has seen enormous growth recently and has now given birth to an industry of its own. Wedding photos will become part of a couple’s journey together for many years to come, so you need to capture the emotions and memories of that big day. You can go with traditional wedding photograph ideas that look like most everyone else’s; or you can strive to be one-of-a-kind and incorporate elements, locations, or visual imagery that are not as common.


Here are some unique wedding photo ideas you can use as inspiration:


Candid camera

Unguarded moments of surprise, joy, and other emotions can be used to add layers of storytelling to wedding photos. Make sure your photo lenses are ready to capture those candid moments. You can also think of some techniques or little surprises, such as “unplanned” balloons or confetti guns during the pictorial. If you can, keep taking shots even in between poses, when the wedding couple and their entourage or family members are busy arranging themselves and prepping for the photo. You will be surprised at the material you will find later on.


Use weather elements

Most weddings happen in June, you can visit this page to learn about how June became known as the wedding month, and February. During these months, the weather can be so unpredictable and thus becomes one of the major considerations for wedding planning, especially for those weddings held outside. As the photographer, you have to allow for flexibility in case nature doesn’t cooperate. If rain suddenly threatens to delay the wedding, ask the couple how adventurous they want to be and take some photos with the rain or storm clouds as their background. Natural lighting from sunsets and cloud formations add drama to your photos, so incorporate them as well.


Childhood memories

Talk to the couple ahead of time and find out if wedding photos can be arranged at their childhood homes, or any other venues that meant a lot to them growing up. Not only does it make the wedding photos more personal, but you will also see their faces and body language transform as they reminisce and discover the childhood experiences together. Or you can consult with family members and close friends about certain childhood items, toys, or mementos that they can bring on the wedding day, such as an autographed baseball bat, a favorite stuffed animal, or matching Halloween costumes.


Show their hobbies

Do the bride and groom like to go camping or off-road driving on their off-road vehicles like the ones in this Jeep Brute website? Have them take a few photos while riding their Jeep Brute truck in their full wedding garb. The contrast will make for some really memorable photography. If they’re up for it, arrange for some photos while they are horseback riding, canoeing, or even playing darts or billiards at a local watering hole.


The wedding bed

Right before the newlyweds get out of their wedding attire and change for the reception and/or after-party, ask to take some photos at a pre-arranged bedroom suite. No need to get too daring here (unless that’s what they request), but wedding photos on a bed are always fun and open to a lot of possibilities. Use some of that wedding cake for added effect.

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