wedding picAny wedding will have a lot of picture-perfect moments. And why would it not? Everyone, not just the bride and groom, is dressed impeccably. The whole wedding – from the morning preparation to the goodbye after the reception – is surely Instagram worthy.

However, your ceremony of love can take it a notch higher. You’re not just celebrating your union, after all. You are acknowledging the merging of two families and of different groups of people united by the love of the spouses-to-be. Most importantly, you’re celebrating the joining of two different individuals with various interests.

So why not show the uniqueness that brought you together in your wedding photographs? Your photos don’t have to be the typical shot of the wedding dress near the window, or making a heart with your hands. You’re going to look at these photos for the rest of your lives, so you’ll want to make sure they look great. Here are six unique photograph ideas for your wedding:


  1. Select an awesome theme

You may want a great color scheme or you may decide on a full-on fairy tale theme wedding. For Star Wars fans, you can try dressing up like Hans Solo or Princess Leia. For history buffs, why not copy your favorite American doll? You can simply order the doll with some American Girl Coupons available on this site.

Whatever you pick, make sure that it’s timeless and classic. Trends may look good now, but after a few years down the road these photos may make you close the photo album. Visit this page for some examples of wedding themes and styles that might just inspire you.


  1. The couple with their baby photos

Think about it – if you met this boy when he was younger, would you have thought you were going to marry him? Unless you were childhood sweethearts, you probably wouldn’t have. Having your baby photos incorporated is a fun way of showing that you have united your whole lives – the past, present, and the future – with each other.


  1. Best men and brides maids having fun

You selected this group of friends because they are the special people in your life. Rather than just the normal smiling and standing poses, why not get creative and have silly (but still classy!) photos that show them bonding? You can even include the fun photos in the thank you cards you’ll send them after the ceremony.


  1. Aerial view of the first dance

Everyone will have a photo of you together during the first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Why not make it more special by having either a photographer up in the balcony or a remote camera to get the shot from up there? In this shot you will see how your loved ones gathered around you and their happy faces as they celebrate your newly wedded love.


  1. Light painted love

This might be the new (and Earth-friendly) version of the sky lantern photo, but it looks just as magical. This light painting technique involves the couple in a sweet embrace or a kiss, with a dazzling light surrounding them. You surely do light up each other’s life.


  1. Go for a GIF

The moving photos aren’t just part of Harry Potter’s world anymore. You can have them too! Jeffrey Lewis Bennett of JLB Weddings has started a trend where you can have lovely pictures that move. Put them in a digital photo frame and you have one awesome photo in your living room. Here is a more technical explanation of the GIF format.

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