brideThe pressure for a wedding to be perfect is so much that brides become the stereotypical Bridezilla days before the wedding. Each detail of the ceremony has to be accounted for, but don’t forget what’s most important of all: you and your husband celebrating your love in front of your beloved family and friends.

If you want to have great photos, it is important that you take care of yourself weeks before the wedding. You can hide blemishes through makeup, but the stress will show if you continue to tire yourself out. Great natural skin, an essential key in any photo, trumps flawed skin covered with powder and foundation, every single time. Marriage will never be flawless, but at least with these tips, your photographs will be:


  1. Relax

It’s your wedding day, so it’s understandable that you might get tense. Unfortunately, that tension will show through the photographs. Try rolling your shoulders and taking deep breathes. Additionally, get closer to your groom in the poses. A gap may not seem so awkward when you’re taking the photos, but trust us, you don’t want to spend the next three decades explaining to those who see the album why you seemed distant to each other.


  1. Get to know the photographer

Whether you planned on hiring a professional or just getting the help of your neighbor who practices photography in his spare time, it’s generally a good idea to know who the photographer is. If you don’t trust your guy, you’ll look stiff in the photos and the poses will be awkward.


  1. Notice the little details

Oh, that bubblegum wrapper your husband’s best man threw on the grass? Yes, you’re never going to forget that, because it will end up in every photo you have. Take care of the little details that are going to have an impact on your photos.

If you want a photo with a more outdoor vibe, you may opt to have the picture taken beside, or inside your jeep. With the Jeep hard top you can easily purchase here, the natural light won’t block your pretty face in the camera.


  1. Makeup is your best friend

But your hair may not be. Use makeup to enhance your beauty. Put on waterproof makeup, and blot the oil out of the T-zone. The eyes and the skin around it are vulnerable to stress and they will certainly show how exhausted you are during your wedding. Take a look at this tutorial video to get some useful tips on how to apply eye makeup.

Though loose hair looks casual and elegant, taking pictures may be a bit of a hassle. Try pinning your hair up or to the side when taking candid photos, as to not block your face. The last thing you want is an-almost great photo that got ruined because your hair was in your face.


  1. Practice does make perfect

As we all know, in engagement photo shoots, the photographer ends up taking more solo shots of the bride than the groom. However, that photo sessionis not only an excuse for the bride to get dressed up, but also for the couple to practice being in front of the camera. On your wedding day, you’ll already be used to it and you’ll take even more awesome photos.


  1. And then there’s always Photoshop

It’s the truth. Photoshop is not the exclusive property of commercial advertisements. It can be used by everyday average people like you and me. For those dark spots and blemishes that still can be seen underneath the makeup, this is your solution. It is simply amazing the things you can do with Photoshop. This online resource has all the tips and tutorials you’ll need in case you’re interested to start learning.

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