keepsake1We often see event photographers in savvy suits and carrying expensive cameras and other equipment. And when you get to see their portfolio, you are awed by the beauty and glamour of their work. But in reality, these beautiful photographs and excellent taste don’t translate to making a good living, any honest photographer would tell you that. Like in any other form of art, aesthetics alone cannot dictate how much an artist earns. As an artist, a photographer must know how to manage and market his works.

Successful event photographers are also good entrepreneurs. They recognize that they cannot thrive relying only on their raw talent and honest desire, so they strive to develop strong marketing and business skills which in relation to their creative skills, are on the other end of the spectrum. They realize that if they want to be able keep on pursuing their passion then they need to make a decent living out of it. An artist who wants to keep creating works of art simply cannot ignore the business part of it.

To make an Event Photography business work, here are 3 major tips:

Be the Complete Businessman

Your event photography business, whether it be a team of several photographers and videographers or just a one-man team, is a valid business entity and thus must function as one. As the head of this business, you are now the bookkeeper, the accountant, the marketing specialist, the graphic designer, the customer service department, the secretary and your studio’s maintenance and cleaning person. As focused as you may be in honing your photography skills, you have to remember that you’re running a business and that one of your most important task is to research the prices and cost of doing business at different events. By doing this, you can then come up with a competitive pricing strategy keeping in mind to balance the cost and the quality of your work.
Some events are seasonal. June is when most weddings are held and many corporate parties are scheduled during the holidays. It is important to be completely aware of this so you can seize all the business opportunities that may present themselves in order to have enough resources to survive the offseason.

Utilize Marketing Techniques

One of the marketing techniques you can use is the sense of urgency. If possible, make the prints available for purchase during the event. Otherwise, get the images available online the soonest possible time and organize them in a way that’d it would be easy for customers to look for the photo which they most probably purchase. This way, you can catch customers while they are still excited and vulnerable to impulse buying.

Develop a Personality That Attracts Clients and Partners

You have to build your network so it is imperative that you dress like a professional and take time to talk with people during an event without being intrusive or annoying. When you treat everyone like a potential client, you would also benefit from word-of-mouth referrals.
Get to know and partner with other vendors who sells service or products related to your business. They could be costume designers, make-up artists or party organizers. If you make an effort to build a good relationship with them, there’s a good chance they’ll suggest your service or products to their own clients.

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