withgrandpaweddingYou remember playing with her in the swing set at the park playground. At the time, you could carry her on your back and bring her just about anywhere. Dressed up in her frilly outfits, she looked as cute as an angel. She was all smiles as she gave you hugs and kisses every time you saw each other.

Years past and your love for your granddaughter only grew more. You saw her cry on her first day of school, accompanied her as she went around the neighborhood during Halloween trick or treat, and enjoyed marshmallows together in your hot chocolate as you warmed yourselves by the fire during cold winter nights. You were the first person she called when that boy finally asked her out, and the one who was there when they broke up. For her prom you waited by the couch with her date, and you were there when you all drove with her when she moved for college.

Each birthday, each graduation, each special occasion was another reason to celebrate with your little girl. The awards she garnered made you proud, but nothing could beat the pride in knowing that she grew up to be a kind and intelligent woman who has reached her dreams.

And soon, your sweet little girl is going to get married. You can’t believe how time flies fast. For this special occasion in her life, nothing will stop you from attending. You know how fortunate you are to witness this happy event in her life. You see in her smile how grateful she is that she can celebrate this with her family and friends, and you feel the same way.

Before the wedding, ask your grandbaby how you can help with the planning. If she has already hired an official wedding planner, you can still help by making sure that the wedding planner is able to deliver on the services they are being paid for, such as the task of preparing the attendee list. Visit this site to learn more about the services which are generally offered by a wedding planner. She might need help or she might not, but she will at least consider it thoughtful of you that you asked. You can also give her a memorable gift that she and her spouse will adore. A good gift will be something that you know they can both use, or something that will remind them of you and your love.

If you’re not sure what to get for them, you can always call and ask your friends by availing of one of the  free phones for seniors here. If your friends’ grandchildren are already married, they will know what you are feeling right now. They can give you advice as to what gift is best, and how to help in the wedding. After all, the best way to truly know is to ask someone who’s been in that position. You can also read this very helpful article about the things to observe in giving a wedding gift.

On the day of the wedding, it is possible that she will feel overwhelmed – from the happiness, stress and the awe of the love being shared by everyone in attendance. Congratulate your granddaughter and remind her that you are always just a phone call away.

After the wedding, your granddaughter will now embark on her next journey – marriage, and raising a family with her spouse. You have always been her constant supporter since she was born, and she would likely expect that this relationship will continue. You have earned another grandson to love, in the form of her husband. Be there for them in times of celebration as well as in times of distress. Who knows, if you’re lucky, you will live to see her children as well.

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