keepsake3I have always been in love with my craft and to be able to have the chance to do what I love every day and earn a decent living out of it is just surreal. My passion for the art of photography never faded. It started in my childhood and stayed with me throughout my youth and adult life. I often go freelancing but the big share of my income comes from covering events like corporate parties and wedding. I work in a clean and often joyful environment and I am paid well.

At work, I am always dressed well, savvy suit and everything that scream ‘Professional’. My camera, accessories and supplies are of top-notch quality. Most of my clients are simply amazed by my work output. So considering everything I mentioned, I must say I am generally satisfied with my profession.

Yes, it is a dream job, my dream job. I wouldn’t trade my career for anything in this world. But being an event photographer is a job, and just like any job, it’s not all fun. From hard-to-please clients to issues with the event venue and my own set of equipment and to making some difficult financial decision in terms of pricing, an event photographer does have many challenges and some very lazy days.

The world of event photographers are getting more and more crowded every day. The slow economy and the digital age are making things worse. Young guns, wearing smiles filled with hopes, are constantly entering the competition and they are willing to accept a much lower price than the currently prevailing rates just so they can break in, but it has a lasting negative effect on the whole industry.

During the coverage of an event, a photographer is also in constant competition. If it’s a big event then it only makes sense that you hire a second photographer. The presence of a second photographer is expected to add dimension and perspectives to the story you are creating about the event. Your client can expect a maximum coverage of the event. You’ll get images of both the major moments as well as the happenings on the side and the in-between moments. But unfortunately the working relationship with your second photographer is not always smooth. If you are not used to working with each other, you may both end up in the images. Furthermore, you can expect that your second photographer has dreams of building his or her own business as well, so he or she will probably take advantage of the event to sell his own services to the people in the event.

Many owners of iPhones and Android phones equipped with high-tech cameras usually feel comfortable, confident and excited to take pictures of the event and end up competing with the official event photographer in capturing the precious moments. The stress caused by this is magnified in a wedding event where the photographer only gets one chance to capture moments like the ‘first kiss’.

An event photographer understands that smiling, making small conversations and encouraging attendees to pose for pictures are part of the job. However, having to smile all throughout a 4-hour event is exhausting and often results to painful jaws. When it’s finally over and all you can think of is getting some rest, you still have to will yourself to do the post processing and editing.

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