photographerAs an aspiring photographer, you would want to make sure that all bases are covered and that you are as prepared as possible for the events you are covering. Aside from having the right equipment or tools with you when you are performing your duties, you should also be prepared mentally, physically, and creatively so your work is also as polished and accurate as possible.

Photographers that are assigned to weddings are in a particularly unique situation where they need to capture important and intimate moments during the couple’s big day. As such, you would want to be blend in as much as possible with the wedding guests and participants. It would be very noticeable if everyone is wearing a certain color and you, the photographer, is wearing something else. It would also help if you would keep in mind some basic wedding etiquette and rules.

But also, since you will be moving around a lot and taking pictures, you also need to be wearing something comfortable and clothing that allows you to move around with ease. This requires striking a balance between clothing that is appropriate for the wedding you are covering while also thinking of your activities and attempts to produce the best photography possible.

Here are some tips you can use for wedding photography preparations:


  • Find out ahead of time what the wedding attire is. Some weddings are a little more formal especially if held in large, ornate cathedrals or luxurious venues. Others are a little more laid-back, such as beach or garden weddings. Find out from the wedding planner, coordinators, or from the couple themselves what the suggested attire would be, as well as the motif so you can plan your wardrobe accordingly.
  • Check the weather conditions. Weather conditions also need to be factored in especially if the wedding is being held outdoors. If the temperature will be higher, you would want to pick out clothing that is lighter and more appropriate for warm weather. Take a look at this page for some tips on how to protect yourself from the heat during an outdoor summer wedding. On the other hand, if rain is being forecast then you would need the right type of clothing aside from other accessories (umbrella, etc.).
  • Be physically prepared. No matter what you are wearing, if you are not physically fit and healthy, it will also affect your performance of your duties as the wedding photographer. Stay healthy and in optimum shape through ample exercise, proper nutrition, and the right amount of sleep. As part of your regimen, you should look into supplements and other helpful energy boosts such as dairy free protein powder. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this healthy protein powder, you can learn more about the benefits and forms of dairy free protein powder here.
  • Don’t forget the right footwear. You will be walking, sprinting, and standing around a lot when taking wedding photographs, so the shoes you are wearing should be appropriate for this. Look for shoes that look formal enough for the wedding but are not too heavy.
  • Have a change of clothes ready. In case you perspire or get your clothes soiled, you should bring an extra set of clothes you can change in during a break in the wedding activities. This would be very helpful if you are also assigned to document the wedding reception or after-party and you want to still look as fresh and presentable as possible.


Don’t forget to also enjoy the event as much as you can, because if you are enjoying and feeling the excitement and the romance of the wedding, this will also reflect in your work.

wedding picAny wedding will have a lot of picture-perfect moments. And why would it not? Everyone, not just the bride and groom, is dressed impeccably. The whole wedding – from the morning preparation to the goodbye after the reception – is surely Instagram worthy.

However, your ceremony of love can take it a notch higher. You’re not just celebrating your union, after all. You are acknowledging the merging of two families and of different groups of people united by the love of the spouses-to-be. Most importantly, you’re celebrating the joining of two different individuals with various interests.

So why not show the uniqueness that brought you together in your wedding photographs? Your photos don’t have to be the typical shot of the wedding dress near the window, or making a heart with your hands. You’re going to look at these photos for the rest of your lives, so you’ll want to make sure they look great. Here are six unique photograph ideas for your wedding:


  1. Select an awesome theme

You may want a great color scheme or you may decide on a full-on fairy tale theme wedding. For Star Wars fans, you can try dressing up like Hans Solo or Princess Leia. For history buffs, why not copy your favorite American doll? You can simply order the doll with some American Girl Coupons available on this site.

Whatever you pick, make sure that it’s timeless and classic. Trends may look good now, but after a few years down the road these photos may make you close the photo album. Visit this page for some examples of wedding themes and styles that might just inspire you.


  1. The couple with their baby photos

Think about it – if you met this boy when he was younger, would you have thought you were going to marry him? Unless you were childhood sweethearts, you probably wouldn’t have. Having your baby photos incorporated is a fun way of showing that you have united your whole lives – the past, present, and the future – with each other.


  1. Best men and brides maids having fun

You selected this group of friends because they are the special people in your life. Rather than just the normal smiling and standing poses, why not get creative and have silly (but still classy!) photos that show them bonding? You can even include the fun photos in the thank you cards you’ll send them after the ceremony.


  1. Aerial view of the first dance

Everyone will have a photo of you together during the first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Why not make it more special by having either a photographer up in the balcony or a remote camera to get the shot from up there? In this shot you will see how your loved ones gathered around you and their happy faces as they celebrate your newly wedded love.


  1. Light painted love

This might be the new (and Earth-friendly) version of the sky lantern photo, but it looks just as magical. This light painting technique involves the couple in a sweet embrace or a kiss, with a dazzling light surrounding them. You surely do light up each other’s life.


  1. Go for a GIF

The moving photos aren’t just part of Harry Potter’s world anymore. You can have them too! Jeffrey Lewis Bennett of JLB Weddings has started a trend where you can have lovely pictures that move. Put them in a digital photo frame and you have one awesome photo in your living room. Here is a more technical explanation of the GIF format.

brideThe pressure for a wedding to be perfect is so much that brides become the stereotypical Bridezilla days before the wedding. Each detail of the ceremony has to be accounted for, but don’t forget what’s most important of all: you and your husband celebrating your love in front of your beloved family and friends.

If you want to have great photos, it is important that you take care of yourself weeks before the wedding. You can hide blemishes through makeup, but the stress will show if you continue to tire yourself out. Great natural skin, an essential key in any photo, trumps flawed skin covered with powder and foundation, every single time. Marriage will never be flawless, but at least with these tips, your photographs will be:


  1. Relax

It’s your wedding day, so it’s understandable that you might get tense. Unfortunately, that tension will show through the photographs. Try rolling your shoulders and taking deep breathes. Additionally, get closer to your groom in the poses. A gap may not seem so awkward when you’re taking the photos, but trust us, you don’t want to spend the next three decades explaining to those who see the album why you seemed distant to each other.


  1. Get to know the photographer

Whether you planned on hiring a professional or just getting the help of your neighbor who practices photography in his spare time, it’s generally a good idea to know who the photographer is. If you don’t trust your guy, you’ll look stiff in the photos and the poses will be awkward.


  1. Notice the little details

Oh, that bubblegum wrapper your husband’s best man threw on the grass? Yes, you’re never going to forget that, because it will end up in every photo you have. Take care of the little details that are going to have an impact on your photos.

If you want a photo with a more outdoor vibe, you may opt to have the picture taken beside, or inside your jeep. With the Jeep hard top you can easily purchase here, the natural light won’t block your pretty face in the camera.


  1. Makeup is your best friend

But your hair may not be. Use makeup to enhance your beauty. Put on waterproof makeup, and blot the oil out of the T-zone. The eyes and the skin around it are vulnerable to stress and they will certainly show how exhausted you are during your wedding. Take a look at this tutorial video to get some useful tips on how to apply eye makeup.

Though loose hair looks casual and elegant, taking pictures may be a bit of a hassle. Try pinning your hair up or to the side when taking candid photos, as to not block your face. The last thing you want is an-almost great photo that got ruined because your hair was in your face.


  1. Practice does make perfect

As we all know, in engagement photo shoots, the photographer ends up taking more solo shots of the bride than the groom. However, that photo sessionis not only an excuse for the bride to get dressed up, but also for the couple to practice being in front of the camera. On your wedding day, you’ll already be used to it and you’ll take even more awesome photos.


  1. And then there’s always Photoshop

It’s the truth. Photoshop is not the exclusive property of commercial advertisements. It can be used by everyday average people like you and me. For those dark spots and blemishes that still can be seen underneath the makeup, this is your solution. It is simply amazing the things you can do with Photoshop. This online resource has all the tips and tutorials you’ll need in case you’re interested to start learning.

weddingphotogPhotography is most memorable when it successfully captures life in motion and tells a story with just one frame. Many aspiring photographers are often tempted to stick to ideas or techniques that have proven to be popular among viewers, but the greater challenge is to be able to showcase creativity and a unique photographic perspective that stands out through impact and appeal.

Unique photography ideas are especially important if you find yourself tasked to photograph a wedding. As thoroughly discussed in this article, wedding photographers are a vital part of the wedding business that has seen enormous growth recently and has now given birth to an industry of its own. Wedding photos will become part of a couple’s journey together for many years to come, so you need to capture the emotions and memories of that big day. You can go with traditional wedding photograph ideas that look like most everyone else’s; or you can strive to be one-of-a-kind and incorporate elements, locations, or visual imagery that are not as common.


Here are some unique wedding photo ideas you can use as inspiration:


Candid camera

Unguarded moments of surprise, joy, and other emotions can be used to add layers of storytelling to wedding photos. Make sure your photo lenses are ready to capture those candid moments. You can also think of some techniques or little surprises, such as “unplanned” balloons or confetti guns during the pictorial. If you can, keep taking shots even in between poses, when the wedding couple and their entourage or family members are busy arranging themselves and prepping for the photo. You will be surprised at the material you will find later on.


Use weather elements

Most weddings happen in June, you can visit this page to learn about how June became known as the wedding month, and February. During these months, the weather can be so unpredictable and thus becomes one of the major considerations for wedding planning, especially for those weddings held outside. As the photographer, you have to allow for flexibility in case nature doesn’t cooperate. If rain suddenly threatens to delay the wedding, ask the couple how adventurous they want to be and take some photos with the rain or storm clouds as their background. Natural lighting from sunsets and cloud formations add drama to your photos, so incorporate them as well.


Childhood memories

Talk to the couple ahead of time and find out if wedding photos can be arranged at their childhood homes, or any other venues that meant a lot to them growing up. Not only does it make the wedding photos more personal, but you will also see their faces and body language transform as they reminisce and discover the childhood experiences together. Or you can consult with family members and close friends about certain childhood items, toys, or mementos that they can bring on the wedding day, such as an autographed baseball bat, a favorite stuffed animal, or matching Halloween costumes.


Show their hobbies

Do the bride and groom like to go camping or off-road driving on their off-road vehicles like the ones in this Jeep Brute website? Have them take a few photos while riding their Jeep Brute truck in their full wedding garb. The contrast will make for some really memorable photography. If they’re up for it, arrange for some photos while they are horseback riding, canoeing, or even playing darts or billiards at a local watering hole.


The wedding bed

Right before the newlyweds get out of their wedding attire and change for the reception and/or after-party, ask to take some photos at a pre-arranged bedroom suite. No need to get too daring here (unless that’s what they request), but wedding photos on a bed are always fun and open to a lot of possibilities. Use some of that wedding cake for added effect.

wedphotog_1Being hired as a wedding photographer is a big responsibility, but it can be one of the most enjoyable jobs in the world. You get to meet a lot of people in what is possibly the happiest but most stressful day of their lives, so exchanges of intense emotions will be a natural occurrence in your line of work.

As the photographer in a wedding, you become part of the intimate ceremony shared by this union. Therefore, these people won’t just view you as someone who works for them – if you deal with them right, you’re instantly considered a friend. You will get referrals based on how well people like you, so remember this when you’re stressed out on the day itself.

Like every passion worth pursuing, you will need to commit time in this endeavor. You don’t just work on the wedding day, you need to prepare for it before the wedding, and you need to process the photographs after it.

To make your job easier, here are a few tips that you should know before you head to your assignment:


  1. Listen to what the couple wants

Some couples pretty much have a good idea of what they want. They describe to photographers the theme they want in their wedding and the feel they’ll get when they look of the pictures.

Although rare, there are some instances when couples would already hire you as the photographer even before deciding on the wedding venue. If this happens, the couple might ask for your opinion as to which venue to choose. Fee free to offer your expert opinion from your perspective as the wedding photographer. The other important things to consider when choosing a wedding venue are cited in this article.

It’s also good to note who you work for. Weddings aren’t just arranged by the bride and groom, so you will have a lot of unsolicited opinions going your way. If it’s clear to you who you should listen to, then it will be easier to manage the shoot.

  1. Know what you’re working with

Needless to say, you have to be in the venue beforehand to know which locations to shoot for the couple and group photos. This way, you can form ideas on where to best incorporate the couple’s theme in the event setting.

Get a list of which portraits they’d like to have and who will be included in the formal pictures. This will help you be more efficient as you move from one group to another. In this post, you’ll get a clear idea of what the “must-take” shots usually are.

  1. Bring the essentials

Know your gear and prepare for what’s best in different lighting. Don’t forget to bring clean camera and lenses, charge your batteries (and bring extra!), and empty memory cards. Put all these in your bags along with extra clothes, snacks and umbrellas. Input the wedding location in your GPS so you don’t waste valuable time. It’s also a good idea to bring your Tires Plus Card so you’re prepared in case of any car situations. It would also do you a lot of good if you make sure to get your Tires Plus coupons here so you won’t have to spend too much on unexpected car repairs.

  1. Lead and direct

This is where your prior knowledge of the venue, and your list of people included, will come in handy. Most likely, the people you’ll work with are not models, so they won’t know which angles would look best on them. If the bride and groom don’t know what they want, it’s your job as a photographer to tell them where to pose and what to do to get the best pictures.

  1. Disappear

Don’t be the center of attention. Photograph candid moments and watch out for scenes worth capturing. It will be uncomfortable for some to ignore the photographer they feel is watching them, so you’ll end up having posed, awkward photos if you’re constantly hovering around the guests.


Most importantly, don’t forget to sleep! On the day of the wedding, the photographer gets no rest. You’ll be walking around getting every moment, so make sure that you have enough shuteye the night before and get the best pictures for the couple the next day. Have fun!