weddingthemedmoviesAspiring photographers who are searching for inspiration or ideas on wedding photography need not look no further than the most popular wedding scenes in films. Cinema has always depicted romantic weddings set in picturesque locations and dream-like details that are sure to give you abundant ideas you can use for your next wedding photography assignments. So look through your Charter cable lineup ( contact Charter customer service number listed here or even go online and check out these romantic wedding movie scenes:


  1. Runaway Bride. This well-loved film starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere culminates with Maggie (Roberts) pushing through with the wedding ceremony (finally). The setting is the very top of a country hill, simple, gorgeous, and definitely the stuff girls dream of when they imagine their wedding day.
  2. Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Today’s generation of twi-hards are all about the grand wedding ceremony between Bella and Edward (played by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson). The nuptials make use of lots and lots of nature elements (flowers, foliage, grass) but with a mostly traditional ceremony proper, as traditional as a vampire wedding can get.
  3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. This film starring Nia Vardalos and John Corbett was a hit with moviegoers who related to the depiction of interracial marriage and how it brings two vastly different families together. The wedding sequence (as well as the reception and after-party) will probably give you lots of ideas on fun, memorable wedding photos.
  4. Made of Honor. If you’re photographing a destination wedding, this Patrick Dempsey-starrer might give you some inspiration. The wedding sequences in Made of Honor are mostly set in Scotland where Tom’s (Dempsey) best friend Monica (played by Michelle Monaghan) is set to marry the very wealthy Colin (at a castle no less). You will find some ideas not only for the wedding but also for other aspects of the wedding photos, and even how to capture the events leading up to the big day such as the bachelorette party.
  5. My Best Friend’s Wedding. Fun, poignant, and with lots of memorable moments, this movie will provide inspiration for a quirky, intimate, and comedy-filled wedding album. This is Julia Roberts’ second movie on the list. It’s not surprising because we’re talking about Julia Roberts here who has one of the most impressive filmography.
  6. Love Actually. Different plotlines are woven together into a cohesive declaration on love and companionship in this 2003 film. There is also a gorgeous wedding scene featuring Keira Knightley and Chiwetel Ejiofor complete with a flash-mob band, choir, and wedding singer in the congregation during the wedding.
  7. A Walk to Remember. Maybe not the happiest wedding scene ever, but still worth mentioning. In this adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, Mandy Moore’s dying character Jamie gets her wish to get married to Landon (Shane West) in her mother’s church.
  8. Sex and the City. There are actually two wedding sequences in this 2008 film, as Carrie’s and Mr. Big’s first wedding, lavishly set in the New York Public Library, is called off when the groom gets cold feet. Eventually, they push through with the nuptials this time at a city hall ceremony.
  9. Bride Wars. Gorgeous wedding gowns and wedding ceremonies are all over this film starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, both scheduled to wed at the Plaza Hotel in New York on the same day. If just like the movie, you’re planning to hold your wedding in New York, here are some of the top NYC wedding locations.
  10. The Sound of Music. Music and weddings are inseparable, as shown in this 1965 classic. If you are looking for ideas for classic or period-inspired wedding photography, check this one out.