photographerAs an aspiring photographer, you would want to make sure that all bases are covered and that you are as prepared as possible for the events you are covering. Aside from having the right equipment or tools with you when you are performing your duties, you should also be prepared mentally, physically, and creatively so your work is also as polished and accurate as possible.

Photographers that are assigned to weddings are in a particularly unique situation where they need to capture important and intimate moments during the couple’s big day. As such, you would want to be blend in as much as possible with the wedding guests and participants. It would be very noticeable if everyone is wearing a certain color and you, the photographer, is wearing something else. It would also help if you would keep in mind some basic wedding etiquette and rules.

But also, since you will be moving around a lot and taking pictures, you also need to be wearing something comfortable and clothing that allows you to move around with ease. This requires striking a balance between clothing that is appropriate for the wedding you are covering while also thinking of your activities and attempts to produce the best photography possible.

Here are some tips you can use for wedding photography preparations:


  • Find out ahead of time what the wedding attire is. Some weddings are a little more formal especially if held in large, ornate cathedrals or luxurious venues. Others are a little more laid-back, such as beach or garden weddings. Find out from the wedding planner, coordinators, or from the couple themselves what the suggested attire would be, as well as the motif so you can plan your wardrobe accordingly.
  • Check the weather conditions. Weather conditions also need to be factored in especially if the wedding is being held outdoors. If the temperature will be higher, you would want to pick out clothing that is lighter and more appropriate for warm weather. Take a look at this page for some tips on how to protect yourself from the heat during an outdoor summer wedding. On the other hand, if rain is being forecast then you would need the right type of clothing aside from other accessories (umbrella, etc.).
  • Be physically prepared. No matter what you are wearing, if you are not physically fit and healthy, it will also affect your performance of your duties as the wedding photographer. Stay healthy and in optimum shape through ample exercise, proper nutrition, and the right amount of sleep. As part of your regimen, you should look into supplements and other helpful energy boosts such as dairy free protein powder. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this healthy protein powder, you can learn more about the benefits and forms of dairy free protein powder here.
  • Don’t forget the right footwear. You will be walking, sprinting, and standing around a lot when taking wedding photographs, so the shoes you are wearing should be appropriate for this. Look for shoes that look formal enough for the wedding but are not too heavy.
  • Have a change of clothes ready. In case you perspire or get your clothes soiled, you should bring an extra set of clothes you can change in during a break in the wedding activities. This would be very helpful if you are also assigned to document the wedding reception or after-party and you want to still look as fresh and presentable as possible.


Don’t forget to also enjoy the event as much as you can, because if you are enjoying and feeling the excitement and the romance of the wedding, this will also reflect in your work.

weddingthemedmoviesAspiring photographers who are searching for inspiration or ideas on wedding photography need not look no further than the most popular wedding scenes in films. Cinema has always depicted romantic weddings set in picturesque locations and dream-like details that are sure to give you abundant ideas you can use for your next wedding photography assignments. So look through your Charter cable lineup ( contact Charter customer service number listed here or even go online and check out these romantic wedding movie scenes:


  1. Runaway Bride. This well-loved film starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere culminates with Maggie (Roberts) pushing through with the wedding ceremony (finally). The setting is the very top of a country hill, simple, gorgeous, and definitely the stuff girls dream of when they imagine their wedding day.
  2. Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Today’s generation of twi-hards are all about the grand wedding ceremony between Bella and Edward (played by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson). The nuptials make use of lots and lots of nature elements (flowers, foliage, grass) but with a mostly traditional ceremony proper, as traditional as a vampire wedding can get.
  3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. This film starring Nia Vardalos and John Corbett was a hit with moviegoers who related to the depiction of interracial marriage and how it brings two vastly different families together. The wedding sequence (as well as the reception and after-party) will probably give you lots of ideas on fun, memorable wedding photos.
  4. Made of Honor. If you’re photographing a destination wedding, this Patrick Dempsey-starrer might give you some inspiration. The wedding sequences in Made of Honor are mostly set in Scotland where Tom’s (Dempsey) best friend Monica (played by Michelle Monaghan) is set to marry the very wealthy Colin (at a castle no less). You will find some ideas not only for the wedding but also for other aspects of the wedding photos, and even how to capture the events leading up to the big day such as the bachelorette party.
  5. My Best Friend’s Wedding. Fun, poignant, and with lots of memorable moments, this movie will provide inspiration for a quirky, intimate, and comedy-filled wedding album. This is Julia Roberts’ second movie on the list. It’s not surprising because we’re talking about Julia Roberts here who has one of the most impressive filmography.
  6. Love Actually. Different plotlines are woven together into a cohesive declaration on love and companionship in this 2003 film. There is also a gorgeous wedding scene featuring Keira Knightley and Chiwetel Ejiofor complete with a flash-mob band, choir, and wedding singer in the congregation during the wedding.
  7. A Walk to Remember. Maybe not the happiest wedding scene ever, but still worth mentioning. In this adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, Mandy Moore’s dying character Jamie gets her wish to get married to Landon (Shane West) in her mother’s church.
  8. Sex and the City. There are actually two wedding sequences in this 2008 film, as Carrie’s and Mr. Big’s first wedding, lavishly set in the New York Public Library, is called off when the groom gets cold feet. Eventually, they push through with the nuptials this time at a city hall ceremony.
  9. Bride Wars. Gorgeous wedding gowns and wedding ceremonies are all over this film starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, both scheduled to wed at the Plaza Hotel in New York on the same day. If just like the movie, you’re planning to hold your wedding in New York, here are some of the top NYC wedding locations.
  10. The Sound of Music. Music and weddings are inseparable, as shown in this 1965 classic. If you are looking for ideas for classic or period-inspired wedding photography, check this one out.

withgrandpaweddingYou remember playing with her in the swing set at the park playground. At the time, you could carry her on your back and bring her just about anywhere. Dressed up in her frilly outfits, she looked as cute as an angel. She was all smiles as she gave you hugs and kisses every time you saw each other.

Years past and your love for your granddaughter only grew more. You saw her cry on her first day of school, accompanied her as she went around the neighborhood during Halloween trick or treat, and enjoyed marshmallows together in your hot chocolate as you warmed yourselves by the fire during cold winter nights. You were the first person she called when that boy finally asked her out, and the one who was there when they broke up. For her prom you waited by the couch with her date, and you were there when you all drove with her when she moved for college.

Each birthday, each graduation, each special occasion was another reason to celebrate with your little girl. The awards she garnered made you proud, but nothing could beat the pride in knowing that she grew up to be a kind and intelligent woman who has reached her dreams.

And soon, your sweet little girl is going to get married. You can’t believe how time flies fast. For this special occasion in her life, nothing will stop you from attending. You know how fortunate you are to witness this happy event in her life. You see in her smile how grateful she is that she can celebrate this with her family and friends, and you feel the same way.

Before the wedding, ask your grandbaby how you can help with the planning. If she has already hired an official wedding planner, you can still help by making sure that the wedding planner is able to deliver on the services they are being paid for, such as the task of preparing the attendee list. Visit this site to learn more about the services which are generally offered by a wedding planner. She might need help or she might not, but she will at least consider it thoughtful of you that you asked. You can also give her a memorable gift that she and her spouse will adore. A good gift will be something that you know they can both use, or something that will remind them of you and your love.

If you’re not sure what to get for them, you can always call and ask your friends by availing of one of the  free phones for seniors here. If your friends’ grandchildren are already married, they will know what you are feeling right now. They can give you advice as to what gift is best, and how to help in the wedding. After all, the best way to truly know is to ask someone who’s been in that position. You can also read this very helpful article about the things to observe in giving a wedding gift.

On the day of the wedding, it is possible that she will feel overwhelmed – from the happiness, stress and the awe of the love being shared by everyone in attendance. Congratulate your granddaughter and remind her that you are always just a phone call away.

After the wedding, your granddaughter will now embark on her next journey – marriage, and raising a family with her spouse. You have always been her constant supporter since she was born, and she would likely expect that this relationship will continue. You have earned another grandson to love, in the form of her husband. Be there for them in times of celebration as well as in times of distress. Who knows, if you’re lucky, you will live to see her children as well.

keepsake3I have always been in love with my craft and to be able to have the chance to do what I love every day and earn a decent living out of it is just surreal. My passion for the art of photography never faded. It started in my childhood and stayed with me throughout my youth and adult life. I often go freelancing but the big share of my income comes from covering events like corporate parties and wedding. I work in a clean and often joyful environment and I am paid well.

At work, I am always dressed well, savvy suit and everything that scream ‘Professional’. My camera, accessories and supplies are of top-notch quality. Most of my clients are simply amazed by my work output. So considering everything I mentioned, I must say I am generally satisfied with my profession.

Yes, it is a dream job, my dream job. I wouldn’t trade my career for anything in this world. But being an event photographer is a job, and just like any job, it’s not all fun. From hard-to-please clients to issues with the event venue and my own set of equipment and to making some difficult financial decision in terms of pricing, an event photographer does have many challenges and some very lazy days.

The world of event photographers are getting more and more crowded every day. The slow economy and the digital age are making things worse. Young guns, wearing smiles filled with hopes, are constantly entering the competition and they are willing to accept a much lower price than the currently prevailing rates just so they can break in, but it has a lasting negative effect on the whole industry.

During the coverage of an event, a photographer is also in constant competition. If it’s a big event then it only makes sense that you hire a second photographer. The presence of a second photographer is expected to add dimension and perspectives to the story you are creating about the event. Your client can expect a maximum coverage of the event. You’ll get images of both the major moments as well as the happenings on the side and the in-between moments. But unfortunately the working relationship with your second photographer is not always smooth. If you are not used to working with each other, you may both end up in the images. Furthermore, you can expect that your second photographer has dreams of building his or her own business as well, so he or she will probably take advantage of the event to sell his own services to the people in the event.

Many owners of iPhones and Android phones equipped with high-tech cameras usually feel comfortable, confident and excited to take pictures of the event and end up competing with the official event photographer in capturing the precious moments. The stress caused by this is magnified in a wedding event where the photographer only gets one chance to capture moments like the ‘first kiss’.

An event photographer understands that smiling, making small conversations and encouraging attendees to pose for pictures are part of the job. However, having to smile all throughout a 4-hour event is exhausting and often results to painful jaws. When it’s finally over and all you can think of is getting some rest, you still have to will yourself to do the post processing and editing.

keepsake2Many amateur photographers would like to make a career out of their passion. They dream of becoming one of the most sought-after photographers who can command a high price, attain a celebrity-like status and simply make it big. But just like anything else, making it is the hardest part. A high-tech camera and a passion for the art of photography cannot instantly make you a professional event photographer.

There are some serious challenges you will meet.


Lack of experience

Covering an event is entirely different from any photo-shoot you’ve experienced before. The number of opportunities to shoot great photos are as much as the number of challenges you’ll face. Unless you’ve actually experienced it, you cannot simply underestimate the difficulties.

There will be a lot of nuisances. Not everyone in the event will be willing to join in the fun. Some would not welcome the idea of you directing them, a few will misconstrue your effort as an annoying and intrusive act. You will always be in the move. You cannot stay in one spot and simply wait for people to come your way so you can take their photos. While being constantly in motion, the elements changes as well, you’ll go to some parts where there wouldn’t be or there’d be too much light, so you would have to constantly change the settings of your equipment as well. You are covering a live event, so you’d only have one chance to shoot the most important moments, and you cannot afford to miss that one chance.

This is why you need to have some sort of experience covering an event. Ask any experienced event photographer you know if they can get you on board as a second photographer or volunteer as the main photographer for your family events. There is nothing more valuable than experience.


Landing a Gig

Once you feel ready, you can then market your event photography business. You would have to learn how to use the different social media to advertise and sell your services. You’d probably be over the moon when you land your first gig. Wait until your feeling of elation subside and you’d realize how much prep work needs to be done. From meeting and getting to know your clients, contract signing and surveying the venue to predesigning the albums, prepping the equipment and attending the rehearsals. There are too many things to do and most photographers usually devise a workflow which they religiously follow so as not to miss anything during the preparation.


Getting the Shots

Before a client hires you, he’ll tell you about the kind of event that you’d be covering and will probably make it clear to you the type of shots he wants, mostly about what and who to focus on. Whether it be a wedding or a corporate party, you should make sure you get the shots you were commissioned for in the first place. As an artist, you are given and you should have the freedom to show your creativity. However, as a professional you have to make sure you meet your client’s demands.

Make sure you maintain the delicate balance between your aesthetics and what the client asks for.  Do not get too creative to the point that you and your work no longer makes sense to your client.


Telling the Story

When you cover an event, you cannot be happy with simply taking hundreds of pictures randomly without any artistic or narrative direction. Once you organize your photos, you should be able to tell a story using them. Take photos and organize them in a way that the album would tell a complete story of how fun or sophisticated the whole event was. Be an effective storyteller .


Being a People Person

Bring your ‘A’ game when it comes to socializing with the people attending the event. Wear something appropriate to the event and practice a subtle form of leadership. Smile and have a lot patience. You’ll surely need it when capturing group shots. Make sure your presence is known, without being annoying. You can probably chit-chat with some people during breaks or after the event. There is a good chance that you’ll find your next client or at least get the attendees to spread the word to other people they know about your photography services.

keepsake1We often see event photographers in savvy suits and carrying expensive cameras and other equipment. And when you get to see their portfolio, you are awed by the beauty and glamour of their work. But in reality, these beautiful photographs and excellent taste don’t translate to making a good living, any honest photographer would tell you that. Like in any other form of art, aesthetics alone cannot dictate how much an artist earns. As an artist, a photographer must know how to manage and market his works.

Successful event photographers are also good entrepreneurs. They recognize that they cannot thrive relying only on their raw talent and honest desire, so they strive to develop strong marketing and business skills which in relation to their creative skills, are on the other end of the spectrum. They realize that if they want to be able keep on pursuing their passion then they need to make a decent living out of it. An artist who wants to keep creating works of art simply cannot ignore the business part of it.

To make an Event Photography business work, here are 3 major tips:

Be the Complete Businessman

Your event photography business, whether it be a team of several photographers and videographers or just a one-man team, is a valid business entity and thus must function as one. As the head of this business, you are now the bookkeeper, the accountant, the marketing specialist, the graphic designer, the customer service department, the secretary and your studio’s maintenance and cleaning person. As focused as you may be in honing your photography skills, you have to remember that you’re running a business and that one of your most important task is to research the prices and cost of doing business at different events. By doing this, you can then come up with a competitive pricing strategy keeping in mind to balance the cost and the quality of your work.
Some events are seasonal. June is when most weddings are held and many corporate parties are scheduled during the holidays. It is important to be completely aware of this so you can seize all the business opportunities that may present themselves in order to have enough resources to survive the offseason.

Utilize Marketing Techniques

One of the marketing techniques you can use is the sense of urgency. If possible, make the prints available for purchase during the event. Otherwise, get the images available online the soonest possible time and organize them in a way that’d it would be easy for customers to look for the photo which they most probably purchase. This way, you can catch customers while they are still excited and vulnerable to impulse buying.

Develop a Personality That Attracts Clients and Partners

You have to build your network so it is imperative that you dress like a professional and take time to talk with people during an event without being intrusive or annoying. When you treat everyone like a potential client, you would also benefit from word-of-mouth referrals.
Get to know and partner with other vendors who sells service or products related to your business. They could be costume designers, make-up artists or party organizers. If you make an effort to build a good relationship with them, there’s a good chance they’ll suggest your service or products to their own clients.